June 6- Should FDA regulate nicotine?

June 13- Replacing lost tissue with embyronic stem cells

June 17- Who should own the human genome?

June 20- Smallpox: Tomorrow’s nightmare?

June 24- Curing AIDS just got harder

June 27- Impossible dreams: Fad diets

July 1- Do prions threaten our blood supply?

July 4- Monsanto should renounce the terminator

July 8- Mind over matter in rats

July 11- 140 years without Darwin are enough

July 15- Why we grow old and cancer cells don’t

July 18- Biodiversity behind bars

July 22- Is Flipper a senseless killer?

July 25- Answering evolution’s critics

July 29- The hard question about smallpox

August 1- Do-it-yourself environmentalism

August 2- How genetic engineering is done

August 3- Finding useful genes: Cassava’s relatives

August 4- The real promise of genetic engineering

August 5- Measure the risks of bioengineering

August 6- Should we label genetically modifiied crops?

August 12- Why fat people are hungrier

August 15- Did Darwin get it wrong?

August 29- Human evolution alive with controversy

September 5- Yes, Virginia, there is a jackalope

September 9- Combination drug therapy for AIDS

September 12- Learning: Making smarter mice

September 24- Progress in gene therapy

October 1- Can scientists starve cancer tumors?

October 8- Was Malthus mistaken?

October 10- Keeping Darwin out of schoolrooms

October 15- Explaining this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine

October 22- The secrets of your genes on a microchip

October 29- Going batty on Halloween

November 5- Understanding the cause of cancer

November 12- Darwinism at the cellular level

November 19- The silent epidemic of hepatitis C

November 26- Dinosaurs for Thanksgiving dinner

December 3- New drugs to fight high cholesterol

December 10- The killer bees are coming

December 17- Unravelling the mystery of aging

December 24- The scientific theory of Santa Claus

December 31- Science in the new millennium

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