January 7- Two minor ice stories for the new century

January 14- Biochips and personal privacy

January 21- UFOs: Is seeing believing?

January 28- Why do tropical songbirds lay fewer eggs?

February 4- St. Louis winters will be getting colder

February 11- Is love a chemical process?

February 18- Antibiotic resistance

February 25- Deadly cancer is becoming more common

March 3- Darwin and charter schools

March 10- Stem cells reverse juvenile diabetes in mice

March 17- Saint Patrick and the snakes of Ireland

March 24- St. Louis Zoo’s new director

March 31- HIV delivery protein

April 7- Does smoking cause cancer (2nd edition)?

April 14- How pigeons navigate

April 21- Learning requires sleep

April 28- Dinosaur Hearts

May 5- Colon cancer and fiber

May 12- First American

May 19- Class of 2000

May 26- Curing colon cancer

June 2- Polyandry in hawks

June 9- Evolution of the family dog

June 16- Bird killing cats

June 23- Feathered Dinosaurs

June 30- Repetition and Learning

July 7- New weight-loss drug

July 14- Genetically modified grass

July 21- Type two diabetes

July 28- Discovery of site in brain linked to I.Q.

August 4- A dragon named Hawk

August 11- Catalogue of cancer cures

August 18- Climbing the walls

August 25- Did a vaccine cause AIDS?

September 2- Seeking sea monsters

September 9- Is biodiversity good?

September 15- Increasing mad cow disease

Septermber 22- Addicting kids to nicotine

Septermber 29- Cytoskeleton interactions

October 6- What’s killing the frogs?

October 13- Running improperly

October 20- Deer Hunting

November 3- Nobel Prize 2000

November 10- Curing Parkinson’s

November 17- Mad Deer Disease

November 24- Thanksgiving day pounds

December 1- Global Warming

December 8- AIDS and Ubiquitin

December 15- Humans evolved recently

December 22- Testing the Santa theory

December 29- I’m not dead yet

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