1. Does smoking really cause cancer?
  2. Is smoking cigarettes addictive?
  3. Should FDA regulate nicotine?
  4. Curing lung cancer is a little closer
  5. Does smoking cause cancer (2nd edition)?
  6. Addicting kids to nicotine
  7. On the Trail of Cancer-Causing Genes


  1. Can scientists starve cancer tumors?
  2. Understanding the cause of cancer
  3. Deadly cancer is becoming more common
  4. Colon cancer and fiber
  5. Curing colon cancer
  6. Catalogue of cancer cures
  7. Oncogene blockers
  8. Failed Cancer Therapy Is Reborn
  9. Using viruses to attack brain tumors
  10. Do Plastic Bottles Cause Women to Get Breast Cancer?
  11. New Ways to Cure Lung Cancer


  1. Smallpox: Tomorrow’s nightmare?
  2. The hard question about smallpox
  3. Progress in gene therapy
  4. The silent epidemic of hepatitis C
  5. Antibiotic Resistance
  6. Stem cells reverse juvenile diabetes in mice
  7. Type two diabetes
  8. Curing Parkinson’s
  9. Hoof & Mouth Disease
  10. SARS Anxiety
  11. Cholesterol-Fighting Drugs Prevent Heart Attacks
  12. Deadly Baby Food
  13. The Cost of Not Regulating BPA
  14. The Cost of Failed Regulation
  15. Type II Diabetes Epidemic
  16. Whatever Happened to Bird Flu?
  17. Embryonic Stem Cells – Leaping the Ethical Fence
  18. Swine Flu
  19. The Approaching Flu Season
  20. Why Diabetics Forget


  1. HIV’s waiting game
  2. Combination drug therapy for AIDS
  3. Curing AIDS just got harder
  4. HIV delivery protein
  5. Did a vaccine cause AIDS?
  6. AIDS and Ubiquitin
  7. Search for AIDS vaccin
  8. Aids at 20
  9. The AIDS War is Not Going Well


  1. Mad cows and prions
  2. Do prions threaten our blood supply?
  3. Increasing mad cow disease
  4. Mad Deer Disease
  5. Mad cow epidemic in Europe
  6. Exporting Mad Cow Disease to Korea?


  1. Why we grow old and cancer cells don’t
  2. Unravelling the mystery of aging
  3. I’m not dead yet
  4. Why We Age
  5. Losing Bone: Osteoporosis


  1. Impossible dreams: Fad diets
  2. Why fat people are hungrier
  3. New drugs to fight high cholesterol
  4. New weight-loss drug
  5. Diabetes-obesity link
  6. Running improperly
  7. Fighting Fat
  8. Eating Your Way to Thin
  9. Vegans on a Cold Day
  10. Anabolic Steriods at the Olympics
  11. Losing Weight with Brown Fat
  12. Being Fat


  1. How genetic engineering is done
  2. The real promise of genetic engineering
  3. Finding useful genes: Cassava’s relatives
  4. Measure the risks of bioengineering
  5. Should we label genetically modified crops?
  6. Monsanto should renounce the terminator
  7. Genetically modified grass
  8. Altering ANDi
  9. mtDNA transfer in humans
  10. Fighting Hunger with Flood-Tolerant Rice
  11. Manufacturing Biofuels
  12. Pharming


  1. Who should own the human genome?
  2. The secrets of your genes on a microchip
  3. Biochips and personal privacy
  4. Humans have few genes
  5. Our genome is not very human
    1. Inventing cloning: The road to Dolly
    2. Should A Clone Have Rights?
    3. Replacing lost tissue with embyronic stem cells
    4. Cloning humans
    5. Theraputic cloning
    6. When does human life begin?
    7. Grappling with the Ethics of Stem Cell ResearchThe Y Chromosome: Men Really Are Different


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