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e-Cigarettes: Legal Enslavement In the Name of Health

# e-cigarettes, fashionable among teens, are nicotine delivery tubes that financially chain teens to Big Tobacco A new fad among American teens is the “smokeless” electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. A tube made to look like a rather large cigarette, an e-cigarette contains no tobacco, delivering to the smoker a measured dose of nicotine within water… Read More »

Does Smoking Really Cause Cancer?

This year an estimated 178,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States, and 90% of them will die within three years. 96% of these cancer victims are cigarette smokers. Is there a cause-and-effect connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer? For fifty years scientists have argued that there is, and tobacco… Read More »

Is Smoking Cigarettes Addictive?

50 million Americans smoke cigarettes. In the face of clear evidence that cigarettes cause lung cancer, outlined in a previous article in this series, why don’t smokers quit? Many of these individuals say they would like to, but can’t; they simply find it too difficult to overcome the habit. Anyone who has ever smoked cigarettes… Read More »

On the Trail of Cancer-Causing Genes

We have come a long way in understanding cancer. After decades of intensive research, we have learned that cancer is caused by damaged DNA — genes that normally regulate cell division stop doing so. Smoking causes lung cancer because chemicals in the cigarette smoke mutate (read “blast away”) the genes in lung cells that stop… Read More »

The Government Should regulate Nicotine

120 miles west of here, in a little brown house in Columbia a few blocks from the University of Missouri where he has taught economics for 30 years, my brother Walter is getting sicker. Feisty and sparkly-eyed, Walter’s still charming, still very much in-your-face, but he’s rail-thin now, and coughs a lot. He has been… Read More »

Can you smoke cigarettes without becoming addicted?

50 million Americans smoke cigarettes. Although smoking has decreased in recent years, 24% of Missourians still light up. I learned to smoke from a schoolyard friend, Anton Schuszler, who died 21 years ago of lung cancer. All through high school (running on the track team!), college, and graduate school I smoked, never able to kick… Read More »