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How to Kill a Dinosaur

As JURASSIC WORLD roars in theaters, scientists again debate whether dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid or by volcanos The current film hit Jurassic World, like the three dinosaur thrillers before it, involves killing a lot of dinosaurs running amuck on an isolated island. Ignoring Lewis Carroll’s warning to “shun the frumious Bandersnatch,” scientists on… Read More »

Dinosaurs at the Zoo

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the air full of Spring, a perfect time for my wife and I to go to the Zoo and check out the new dinosaur exhibit.  Set up in an enclosed area within The River’s Edge, the temporary exhibit presents a dozen dynamic dinosaur models, scaled down to child size,… Read More »

Dinosaurs for Thanksgiving dinner

The turkey on your Thanksgiving table is a dinosaur! Yesterday, for Thanksgiving, my family ate a 20 pound dinosaur. Actually, before it was skinned, with feet and head and innards, it probably weighed more like 25 pounds. Meleagris gallopavo, biologists call it. It tasted good, for dinosaur. Used to be, when I was a kid,… Read More »

Despite the great birdosaur fiasco, birds are still dinosaurs

I was forced to learn to spell archaeopteryx in 1989, when my daughter Nikki came home from first grade at Meremac School reciting “A-R-C-H-A-E-O-P-T-E-R-Y-X.” Her class was just starting to learn to spell, and the teacher assigned them that word right off the bat. “If you can spell archaeopteryx,” she told them, “you can spell… Read More »