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Anabolic Steroids at the Olympics

Like so  many others, I have been addicted  to  the Bejing Olympics, watching  every evening  for the last ten days.  NBC has been unable to resist flashing the medal count every day,  of course — at the moment we are ahead in the total count by a few medals, with China at our heels.  It… Read More »

Loosing Weight by Being Cool: Brown Fat

I’ve always thought I knew exactly where the fat is on my body.  All I have to do is pinch myself at the waist to prove to myself that I wear it around me like a belt.  Pounds of it. That’s what I thought until four months ago.  In April I learned that I have… Read More »

Vegans on a Cold Day

Watching Barak Obama’s inaguration today, I could not help but think of energy.  For two million Americans it must have been  cold, standing for hours in 17 degree chill, waiting for the beginning of a brighter day.  I know I shivered, just watching them shiver on television. Most of us, when we think about energy,… Read More »

Am I Meant to be Fat?

I read in yesterday’s newspaper (yes, I am old enough to still read printed newspapers) that obesity is a key link to the soaring costs of health care in the United States.  Americans who are 30 or more pounds overweight added an estimated $147 billion in weight-related medical bills to health care costs nationwide in… Read More »

Fighting high cholesterol

New drugs reduce cholesterol by inhibiting a key enzyme used to manufacture it By a cruel twist of fate I was born loving steak, a 1 1/2 inch Porterhouse my idea of culinary perfection. What is cruel about this is that a few years ago my doctors informed me I have high levels of cholesterol… Read More »

Why fat people are hungrier

Like all people who are “a bit” overweight, I am fascinated by any scientific advance that even hints at a way to solve the problem — by which I mean some kind of magic anti-fat pill that I can take and become slim, without the bother of dieting. I’ve tried dieting, and all I’ve lost… Read More »

Eating Your Way to Thin

The Diet Wars are over.  We live in a world where fat is common and thin is desired, a world where normal people, people like you and me, seek diets that will help us become less fat and more thin.  But what diet should a well-meaning but only too human person pick? Diet books are… Read More »