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The Y Chromosome: Men Really Are Different

Our view of the differences between the sexes has recently undergone radical revision. How do males and females differ? Seen through a biologist’s eyes, the most basic difference between males and females is that all females have two copies of the “so-called” X chromosome. The X chromosome is about the same size as other 22… Read More »

The secrets of your genes on a microchip

Last week Boston researchers Todd Golub and Eric Lander took a vital step towards treating cancer, using new DNA technology to sniff out the differences between different forms of cancer. One of the biggest decisions facing an oncologist (cancer doctor) treating a tumor is to select the proper treatment. Most cancer cells look alike, although… Read More »

Who Should Own the Secrets of Your Genes?

One of the great science news stories of the decade is playing out right under our noses, largely unnoticed. Billions of dollars are being spent in laboratories in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan in a frantic race to see if the secrets hidden within human genes can be revealed to the public… Read More »

We humans don’t have as many genes as we thought

We certainly live in interesting times. Less than two weeks ago, on Darwin’s birthday, the scientists who have been sequencing the human genome — that is, deciphering all of the DNA in our chromosomes — announced to the world what they had found. The human genome contains some 3.2 billion bases, so its sequencing has… Read More »