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Does Mad Cow Disease Threaten Our Blood Supply?

Last month a special committee set up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that the Red Cross and other agencies refuse to accept blood donated by people who have visited England since 1980. This alarming recommendation was made because of fear that such blood might introduce a disorder known as “mad cow disease”… Read More »

Mad Cows and Prions

Mad cow disease, a deadly infection that creates holes in the brain, has figured prominently in the news in recent years. There is widespread fear that humans may become infected by consuming tainted beef and considerable speculation as to the cause of the disease. This year’s Nobel Prize was given to a researcher who proposes… Read More »

Exporting mad cow disease to Korea?

I visited Korea for a week at the end of May, a speaker at a world conference on Peace and the Environment, and was suprised to find myself questioned by almost everyone I met about the dangers of American food.  On walls everywhere in the city of Seoul there are posters showing a cute little… Read More »

Eyeball-to-eyeball with mad cow disease

Why mad cow disease is spreading across Europe and what we can do to stop it coming here The countries of Europe are at war with mad cow disease. Last week the German government ordered the destruction of 400,000 cattle in a draconian attempt to halt the outbreak there. Two weeks ago, a program to… Read More »

Eyeball-to-eyeball with mad cow disease

(continued) How mad cow disease spread to Europe And it seems the tragedy is not over. Mad cow disease has now spread to Germany and the other countries of Europe. How? Europeans fixated on the infected British cows, and ignored the disease agent. The disease initially spread in Britain because cows were fed protein-supplemented feed… Read More »