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Can cancer tumors be starved to death?

Thousands of cancer patients are clamoring this week to be among the 30 or so enrolled in a new and controversial trial designed to seek an answer to this question. One of the most exciting and frustrating things about watching a developing science story like this one is that you can’t flip ahead and read… Read More »

Using viruses to attack brain tumors

Since the mid-1990s researchers have been tantalized by the prospect of curing cancer with adenovirus, a common cold virus. Adenovirus is able to infect human cells quite effectively, because an adenovirus gene called E1B inactivates the human cell’s watchdog gene p53, a defense against infection that detects foreign DNA and signals the body to remove… Read More »

Failed Cancer Therapy Is Reborn

It is hard to read about new “cures” for cancer. Time and again our hopes are dashed by a dramatic announcement of a therapy that works in laboratory mice, only to fail miserably in human trials. Sometimes, however, the story turns around, and the failed approach turns up a winner after all. This week we… Read More »

Curing Lung Cancer

One of the great tragedies of this century has been the widespread addiction of large numbers of people to tobacco. An enormously profitable commercial enterprise, the production and marketing of cigarettes now affects a significant fraction of all the people on the planet. Many cigarette smokers are now dying of lung cancer, so it is… Read More »