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Putting Evolution To the Test The Missouri House Education Committee voted this session to approve HB 1266, the “Missouri Science Education Act.” This bill proports to improve science teaching in Missouri by helping students develop critical thinking skills. Teachers would have to clearly identify what is “verified emperical data” and distinguish it from what is… Read More »

Darwinism at the cellular level

The evolution of complex cellular machinery reflects natural selection, not intelligent design The recent successes of creationism in persuading state school boards to abandon Darwinism reflects a surprising new tack, using molecular biology to challenge evolution. Their basic argument, although phrased in modern biochemical terms, is not a new one. It is the classic “argument… Read More »

Keeping Darwin out of Schoolrooms

Mark Twain once said, “Picking up a cat by the tail teaches you something that can’t be learned any other way.” I know what he means. My particular cat is creationism. I picked it up last July 11 when I pointed out on this page that Missouri state education standards for science make hardly any… Read More »